Gone are the days when businesses were majorly dependent on offline media to promote their brand and become the best in the industry. With the changing business environment companies have moved from offline to online media channels for their promotions. We at Ampliquity understand the value of having a great online presence to ensure a better reach for the business.

We have seen how companies get adversely from bad websites and poor online marketing campaigns ruin the brand name. We use the cutting-edge technologies to develop business solutions for your organization. So if you are ready to take your business to the next level and want only the best to work for your business then you are at the right place, come have a coffee with us, call us now!

Desktop Application

Easily manage activities in your organization with our powerful desktop solutions. Our agile and efficient team of designers, developers and testers work towards providing you a state-of-the-art solution catering to your business requirement with the help of most modern technologies.

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Mobile Application

With almost everyone out there got their hands on a smart phone, mobile applications have been pinned as one of the most interesting and effective ways to engage with the consumers. Our MAD department can help you to design interactive mobile application to keep your customers engaged and directly connected with you.

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Web Application/Website Development

Do you have a website for your business?
If your answer is No, you are limiting your capabilities. The new marketplace is online. Increase your customer base by starting a website today.
The world has gone digital, so should you. Come let’s fly high.

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Database Management

Worried about handling massive pile-up of data day-by-day minute-by-minute in your organization? We build database management solutions according to the requirement of the organization. Use of right technology stand you out from the crowd.

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Make it to the first page of search engines
Over 1 billion websites are present in the digital cosmos; most of them exist without being seen. Hence, just having a website is not enough; it should be visible to your audience. We help you make your website to the first few positions in the search engine results.

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Social Media Marketing

Tell your story to your consumers through the platforms where they listen. Whoever be your customer, find them, connect with them and engage with them through a curated combination of social media platforms and build your brand equity.

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